Alumni testimonials

Bloom School was a delightful experience. Every day I felt excited and inspired to be there, working with flowers and learning from Becky. Becky’s relaxed and candid approach made learning and asking questions so comfortable and super enjoyable! I loved getting the opportunity to make everything from a corsage to a low centerpiece to a bridal bouquet – all the while using such beautiful, seasonal blooms! The installation we created as a group on the final day was such a great learning experience, I was so surprised how quickly we were able to create something so beautiful with our little group! The photoshoots we had documenting our designs were also a fantastic! Britt was able to capture our works so beautifully. I’m so thankful to have had such an encouraging experience with such wonderful people at Bloom School. Two-thumbs up!
— Lisa, Toronto
Bloom School is the ONLY floral design program in Toronto that teaches a current and natural style of floral design. After doing lots of research on different programs, I found most of the floral schools and programs in the GTA were dated and taught an old fashioned theory, which leads to a unnatural and static style of floral design. Bloom School teaches an approach to florals that your clients actually want! Becky was an amazing teacher. Her studio is a welcoming place that I looked forward to going to every morning. The 7 day wedding intensive course touched on everything from boutonnieres to bridal bouquets and large installations. I loved the program so much, that I went back for a 1:1 mentorship with Becky to learn as I could before starting my own floral design business. I even brought my one month old son with me to the mentorship course. Becky and her staff were very accommodating and super patient with me. I would recommend Bloom School to anyone looking to start out or advance in the floral industry.
— Ruth, Toronto
I had a wonderful experience at Bloom School with Becky. She is an amazing teacher who is fun, creative and knowledgeable with the industry. The wedding/event florist program was most informative, covering both design and business aspects of the field. Becky also took the time to share her personal experiences and thoughts of being a floral designer and building her own brand. I am thankful to have had this opportunity to learn from Becky and to watch her do her magic. The passion that she has for her work is most admirable. I would recommend Bloom School to anyone who just starting out or looking to expand their skillset within the industry.
— Nora, Toronto
The techniques I learned from Becky at Bloom School were invaluable in my flower journey. As a newer wedding floral designer I gained all the skills I needed to design a large wedding recently featured in Elegant Wedding Magazine. The professional photos from Brittney were a great bonus for my social media. Thank you Becky and your team for this fantastic experience!
— Deb, Toronto
Becky is down-to-earth, smart, funny and a truly talented designer with an incredible sense of how to communicate her knowledge. She knows the floral business inside and out and is forthcoming about her experience in design and entrepreneurship. I would absolutely recommend any program, workshop or class with Becky. She’s the best.
— Kei, Hamilton
Becky is an awesome teacher and it was exactly what I needed to push my business to the next level. I learned a lot on a floral design level but more importantly on a business level. I can’t thank Becky enough for the opportunity
— Jaclyn, Hamilton
Not only is Becky a super fun and inspiring person to be around, she also has an incredible amount of experience and passion for her work in the industry. Her open nature and willingness to share her knowledge and passion made the workshop a truly invaluable experience for me. I think anyone in the beginning stages of their floral career would benefit greatly from this kind of experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
— Ashley, Toronto
I seriously had the best time with Becky, and would recommend this experience to anyone interested in florals or anyone who has experience in the industry. Not only did I gain knowledge and helpful tips about running a business, but I learned a great deal of information about myself and how to expand my horizons on a personal level. You and your team were so accommodating, not to mention hilarious!
— Kimi, Toronto
I’ve attended both a large scale installation class and a 1:1 mentorship with Becky and her team. Both experiences were in beautiful, relaxed atmospheres, and definitely taught a forward thinking approach to fresh floral design. I came away with valuable design techniques, an open minded perspective to design, as well as gorgeous photography for my portfolio. Thanks to both Becky and her gals, for offering this lovely opportunity.
— Sarah, Varna
THE BEST! The 7-day course was so valuable. At the start of the 7 days, I was nervous and excited to embark on this journey. An avid floral hobbyist, I had been wanting to get more serious about floral design and learn more about the industry. This course was everything I hoped for and more! Becky and the team are amazing. With a wealth of experience, entertaining anecdotes, and patience, Becky teaches not only the foundations, but also the ‘why’ behind the different processes and ideologies. She and the team foster an incredibly welcoming environment to learn and grow in. I cannot thank them enough for a fantastic 7-days! This was truly worth the investment.
— Sarah, Toronto
Becky is such a knowledgable teacher with extensive experience in the industry! She’s a flower guru and I would love to take another workshop with her! Her teaching method was easy to follow and she is so open with all of her answers and experiences.”
— Annie, Toronto

I am so happy that I took a chance to attend this course at Bloom School, especially while in the early stages of building a farm business. Becky is a wonderful teacher with so much great information and experience to share. I’ll reflect back on this training regularly as I move ahead with flowers.
— Nicole, Toronto