aromatherapy 101: Mama and babes

October 22nd, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Do you love essential oils but don’t know what is safe to use with babies or children? Have you ever wanted to learn more about the benefits of essential oils for both you and your babes but don't know where to start?! Or have you started doing research and been so overwhelmed with the amount of companies that are out there?!

Let us introduce you to Heather O'Leary of True Care - Ottawa. She is a passionate DoTerra Wellness Advocate and can't wait to share her knowledge and love of essential oils with you! 

During your workshop together you will learn about DoTerra as a company and Heather will walk you through a "show and tell" of oils & blends that are focused on both Mama’s health and babies needs (both during pregnancy and after) and will also cover information about oils and toddlers!

There will be a 'make and take' portion where Heather will have 10 stations (of which you can choose 3 to take home) of blends that you can make for you and your babes!


Meet Heather:

"Hi, my name is Heather, I am a lady who wears many hats in life ~ wife, mom of 5, kid at heart, wellness advocate are just a few of those.

I have always had a tendency to lean towards natural forms of wellness - mental, spiritual, physical and emotional. Throughout the years, I have done a lot of research, made a lot of changes, and embraced natural forms of wellness for myself and my family.

I am now a health and natural wellness advocate, focusing on DoTerra Essential Oils and products.

I love connecting with people on many different levels and helping people is a true passion. I have always been in the 'helping' professions in some capacity, but feel that I have really hit my stride with DoTerra, bringing healing, wellness and joy to people one pure essential oil drop at a time."

Make And Takes:

Tiny Tummy Tamer - help ease digestive discomfort

Sleepy Baby - calm and relax baby

Healthy Baby - boost immune system gently and naturally

Happy Baby - uplifting and joyful blend

Teething Relief - brings gentle relief for baby

Mama Marks - reduce stretch marks and scars

Tender Ta-Tas - for times when your breasts are sore

Milk Mama - increase milk production

Calm Mama - bring a bit of bliss and calm

Happy Mama - uplifting for those days when you need it